grind on

grind on
ˌgrind ˈon [intransitive] [present tense I/you/we/they grind on he/she/it grinds on present participle grinding on past tense ground on past participle ground on] phrasal verb
if something boring or unpleasant grinds on, it continues happening for a long period of time
Thesaurus: to continue for a long timesynonym
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continue for a long time in a wearying or tedious way

the rail talks grind on

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grind on [phrasal verb]
: to continue for a long time
— used to describe something unpleasant

The war ground on for many more months.

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ˌgrind ˈon derived
to continue for a long time, when this is unpleasant

The argument ground on for almost two years.

Main entry:grindderived

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